i'M oBSESSED With Luxurious Silk

My personal closet is full of beautiful silk blouses. Cream, White, champagne, red, fuschia.....It feels so soft against your skin and you can rest easy knowing it's natural. Some silk has a satin high gloss finish, some presents a sheer shimmery chiffon, and then others come with a more washable light cotton-like texture. Some brands have found a nice versatile and easy-fitting style by adding some spandex for stretch. I enjoy all types, but those that require dry-cleaning do not favor my wallet. I would like to find a nice pair of silk pjs that didn't break the bank. Abby Essie's got a beautiful selection of excellent condition silk blouses coming your way in an array of sizes and colors, INC, Moda, Talbot's, Casual Corner, Barbara Bui - from "NWT" to gorgeous "like new". So check back in the next few days as we list new inventory, to grab the best selections!

Gorgeous fine 100% silk, medium texture

100% silk chiffon, sheer with shimmer, this blouse with rhinestone buttons great for formal events

Satin Silk, heavier grade 100% silk, luxurious, dressed up or down

soft lighter low sheen, 100% silk, this type has more possibility of escaping dry-cleaning and hand wash, great to use for every day and even for sleeping

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