Suga Lane Apparel & Interiors is headed by the creative direction of designer Alaina Williams. For the past decade, Williams has been making the natural progression from stylist and vintage curator to forward thinking fashion and décor designer. Williams says she feels so lucky to work at something she loves, having the opportunity to express her artistic soul in the realm of both clothing and interiors. As one can easily see when perusing her rapidly expanding collection of creations, the universe has said "thank you, more please".

The Suga Lane collection draws inspiration from nature, music, and the human form, while striving to bring joy and freedom to the human spirit. The clothing and accessories line features an intricate original monogram print. The Suga Lane luxury logissimo and sugissimo prints are accented and fused with the vibrant colors and designs from Williams’ art. Eclectic intrigue draws you in to enjoy these one of a kind wearable pieces of art.

Striving to do our part to protect the environment, each item is manufactured individually, reducing waste. With a focus on ethical fashion and sustainability, expect organic and recycled fabrics alongside many animal-friendly eco alter leather. See real leathers sourced from repurposed materials and non threatened humane sourcing. Made to order production reduces our impact footprint.

Each one of a kind piece begins as a design in our studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. Next, Suga Lane’s exclusive prints are digitally printed and dye treated on beautiful fabrics, cut and sewn, either in the United States, or through our international manufacturing partners. Next, pieces are finished in our Atlanta studio and given exclusive carte d' authenticite numbering. Finally, your purchase is carefully packaged and shipped to your doorstep.