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Song 🎶 “Waiting” lyrics & vocals by Suga Lane
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Art poster 1


Contemporary Print of Black Heritage Expo by Larry Poncho Brown

A dramatic poster print by artist Larry Poncho Brown presented for the Baltimore Black Heritage Expo. This piece depicting a family with vibrant patterns was presented at the Baltimore Convention Center - February 11-13, 2000.  Dimensions: 24” width x 20” height. Image dimensions: 20” width x 16” height.

Art poster 2


1996 Black Heritage Art Show “Celebration” Poster by Synthia Saint James

A vibrant print of artist Synthia Saint James’ 1996 painting “Celebration” presented as a poster for the 2001 Black Heritage Art Show. Bold colors of red, black, yellow, blue, and green are represented within a festive setting. This poster print was presented at the Baltimore Convention Center February 9-11, 2001. Full Dimensions: 24” width x 25.5” height. Image Dimensions: 20” width x 20.5” height.

Art poster 3


Ted T. Ellis 2003 Black Heritage Art Show 8th Annual Poster Print

A vibrant poster print created by Ted T. Ellis as an official artist of the 8th Annual Black Heritage Art Show 2003. The piece features various musicians in bold colors of red, yellow, green, and blue. Dimensions are 23.5” width x 17.25” height.

Art poster 4


2002 Black Heritage Art Show Laverne Ross Poster Print

A vibrant poster print by artist Laverne Ross depicting various painted images of musicians with their instruments. - a keyboard, piano, percussion, guitar, saxophone. The piece has a dominant red hue, and the smaller size can fit easily as a wall accent in any space. The poster was created for the 2002 Baltimore Black Heritage Art Show. The event was held at the Baltimore Convention Center on February 1st - 3rd, 2002. Poster Dimensions: 13.25” width x 12.5” height. Image: 12.6” width x 11.15” height.

Art poster 5


Modern "B' More Jazz" Festival Poster by Keith Henderson


A signed poster print by Keith W. Henderson of his 2005 painting “B’ More Jazz”. This poster was presented for the Baltimore Black Arts Festival. It is boldly expressive and fluid depicting a vibrant scene with various musicians and patrons enjoying music. There are hues of brown, blue, green, yellow, red, pink. And purple with signature in silver metallic. Dimensions: 28” width x 22” height. Image: 25.5” width x 18.75” height.

Art poster 6

2005 Black Heritage Art Show Baltimore “Rites of Passage” (2004) by Frank Frazier.


Am artistic signed poster print, titled “Rites of Passage” (2004) by Frank Frazier. This piece was presented for the 10th Anniversary Black Heritage Art Show In Baltimore, MD. February 4-6, 2005. It is artfully signed in metallic ink by artist. Each signature on signed prints is unique. There are 2 photos in listing of two examples of signature, so individual prints purchased will have their own unique artist signatures. Dimensions: 18” width x 34” height. Image dimensions: 14.25” width x 22” height. Some posters may have a faint bend on corner.


Art Poster 7

T Ellis “Patterson General Store” Pepsi Theme Poster Print for the 1998 Black Heritage Art Expo

T Ellis “Patterson General Store” Pepsi Theme Poster Print for the 1998 Black Heritage Art Expo, Baltimore, MD. Dimensions: 20” width x 16” height; image: 19” width x 13.25” height. midweight matte fine art poster paper.

Art poster 8



Fennell “Working Together as One” Black Heritage Art Expo 1998 Poster Print

Fennell “Working Together as One” poster print for the 1998 Black Heritage Art Expo held Saturday February 28, 1998 in Baltimore, MD. Dimensions: 18” w x 24” h / image: 15”w x 20” h, lightweight thin fine art poster paper.