We are committed to providing creative expertise to the entertainment community through wardrobe and prop styling, as well as procurement. We are excited to move forward with several production projects and appreciate all the support and encouragement we've been receiving. We are available by reservation to assist as buyers, as well as prop and wardrobe stylists. We have many items in our inventory, which are available for rental or wholesale purchase for projects. Content creators can find weekly and monthly rental plans to fit your media production timelines. Contact a curator today to discuss your project.

Our wardrobe includes many classic styles that can be used as primary and background fashion on TV Film. Content creators can find a wide array of choices for styling for subject matter. We collect and preserve well made well stitched contemporary and vintage clothing designs. Limiting fast fashion, with a good eye for sexy styles that look designer. Abby Essie Studios has specialty accessories on inventory, including antique hats, gloves and more.

Have your business ad or holiday video photo shoot produced on our set. Choose from our holiday theme wardrobe collection. Submit scripts to produce TV Film at a discount on our sets. 

Speak with us direct for custom packages or any questions about your DIY choice of production packages:

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