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Suga Lane

"After" Limited Edition Print from Series "Fragile Existence"

"After" Limited Edition Print from Series "Fragile Existence"

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After the storm comes the calm. The aftermath of conflict can still be wrought with rocky waters or stormy skies but either way you imagine a certain stillness, the color blue is fitting. The shimmer of metallic silver gives an optimistic silver lining. Explore the tactile accessibility of this original painting on vintage paper . Displaying acrylic and enamel paint with a touch of metallic, the piece encourages the embattled conflictions of present day reality to merge into a simple quiet. The use of paper with it's beautiful nuances, waves and bends, invites the fingers to lightly touch the piece. Feeling and absorbing the texture, before framing, is highly recommended. Part of an 8 pc Series "Fragile Existence" by artist Alaina Williams aka Suga Lane
dimensions: 17" x 13.5".

Dimensions: 17ʺW × 0.5ʺD × 13.5ʺH
Condition: Excellent
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