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Abby Essie

Make Money Re-Selling Clothing & Decor Online: Book 1

Make Money Re-Selling Clothing & Decor Online: Book 1

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by Alaina Willliams [Mompreneur, Resell Business Owner, Vintage & Antiques Curator, Designer, Artist, Producer] 

In Book One [1] of Make Money Re-Selling Clothing & Decor Online, mompreneur and vintage curator, Alaina "Suga Lane" Williams, presents a clear guide to successfully starting an online enterprise for little investment leading to maximum profit. Ms. Williams preps both the new business owner, as well as the seasoned professional in painlessly making the leap into online sales. Using Ebay as one of the main examples of a quick starter marketplace, the "Make Money Re-Selling" Book 1 and Book 2 guides explain the techniques that work - from internet customer service, to inventory management, and comparative marketplaces. With these guides, an online selling novice can make money quickly. A pro can improve and expand their bottom line. After understanding and implementing the basic techniques set forth in Book One [1], readers are encouraged to begin Book Two [2], which delves deeper into the required communication skills, work-life balance, and personal challenges facing small online business owners. Ms. Williams draws upon not only her online business experiences, but her adventures in a wide array of business settings - from insurance adjusting to retail stores. All ranges of business models can benefit from this series, from the large corporate model to the stay-at-home mom or dad. The skills and ideas presented are universal and can offer insight and improvement to any category of business.

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