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Modern Baroque Pink Lady Fireworks Print by Suga Lane

Modern Baroque Pink Lady Fireworks Print by Suga Lane

$ 695.00

Modern Baroque Pink Lady Fireworks Digital Painting Print by Suga Lane in hues of pink, yellow, orange, black, with glitter. Lovely lady features bling style dollar chain necklace and cool pink hair. A creation through photography, and digital art. Signed Limited edition. Dimensions: 17” x 24” may or may not include margins.

About Alaina Suga Lane Williams
As the head curator for Abby Essie Studios, Alaina “Suga Lane” Williams, enjoys the creative process and the element of surprise it brings. Her selection of delectable pieces has evolved along with her style and eye for the divine. The rarer the object de affection, the more likely she is to investigate, sometimes re-designing and painting furniture and small décor pieces, alongside her commissioned original art creations. Suga Lane is a multi-disciplined creative, not only as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and digital artist – but releasing albums as a singer-songwriter, Ride It [Single], Luv Trilogy [EP] instrumental musician and producer “Trashonica” (2020). Suga believes you are at your best when your work can merge with your creativity. Of course, she explains, to have that as an option is a dream few may realize, so she is definitely living her dream.
Suga says, "I strive to surprise myself and others leading to excuses to smile. When I paint, I usually like to begin my process with a color that mirrors the feelings I want to express. After applying color, I seek movement then the theme or focus of the painting may reveal itself. Mixing acrylics, enamels, oils and other mediums provides a layer of interest that is unbounded. Merging original painting and photography with digital design has become my favorite process of creative expression. Digital graphics expand the possibilities, opening up a whole galaxy for the one lone painting or photo. Applying graphics to textiles, such as wallpaper, fabric, furniture, and clothing, further expands my design's reach where more people can enjoy.
"I've learned that control and perfection can war with free form expression. Rules are meant to be broken and if you allow the universe to be your guide, your creations can be a delight. Letting go of the reigns, allows the soul to soar without delay. Over the past few years, my visual art has included photography, film, collages, painting on canvas, paper, wood, up-cycled signs, furniture, picture frames, even drop ceiling tiles. I have several clothing and interior collections , with plans to delve deeper into my affinity for natural textiles - silk, suede, and cashmere. I welcome creating commissioned pieces. Thanks & Enjoy!"